Monday, July 28, 2014

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Software Data Cable Transfers and Syncs Files Between Android and PC

Android: There are a number of apps that allow you to transfer or sync files between Android devices and your computer (or each other). Software Data Cable puts most of those functions in one spot.

Get iOS 7 Features On Unsupported iPhones with Whited00r 7

iOS (Jailbroken) Whited00r is the easiest way to get the newest version of iOS on an unsupported phone and it has been updated with a bunch of iOS 7 features. It's essentially a very complicated theme and it now lets you get iOS 7 on older devices like the iPhone 2G, 3G, and more.

Blur Studio Creates Blurred iOS 7 Wallpapers from Any Image

iPhone: If you want to quickly turn any photo into an arty-looking blurred wallpaper for your iPhone, which complements the iOS 7 design style, then Blur Studio is a really cool way to do it.

Pad & Quill Notes Is a Beautiful Note-Taking App for iPhone and iPad

iOS: Pad & Quill is best known for their phone and tablet cases, but they just took the wraps off of a good-looking note-taking app for the iPhone and iPad. It supports multiple notebooks, photos and graphics in notes, automatic table of contents, and iCloud syncing so you have your notes on all your devices.

AndrOpen Office Brings OpenOffice to Android Tablets

Android: There are a good number of office suites for Android. None of them can outright replace the office software on your desktop, though. AndrOpen doesn't need to, as it's a full port of OpenOffice.

Mindly Makes Mind Mapping Simple and Beautiful on Small Screens

iPhone: Mind-mapping is an effective technique to take notes of your thoughts, but it can be a little difficult on the limited screen space of an iPhone. Mindly makes mind maps beautiful and easy on the small screen.